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We help the professional sellers to sell on the spot

We provide the ultimate tool for the renewable energy business. The all-in-one solution from the energy audit to the commercial proposal.

Energy Audit

Ask few simple questions to your customer, the energy and the heating bill, the habits and how many people in the house. Evaluate on the spot his energy needs.

System Design

Drag and drop the solutions you want to add: solar panels, batteries, solar thermal panels, heat pumps and more. Interact and find the best parameters in real time.

Financial Analysis

Perform a finacial analysis, forecast the the costs and the payback of your solution, check the payback or evaluate a loan making the installment equal to the annual savings.


The sale process is a funnel and the salesman is the stopcock. There are many tools for marketing and generating leads, and many others for technical calculations and solution design, but if the end of the funnel is closed, no sale is ever possible!

Entelligo boosts the sales because it is the first portable tool that empower the sale process on the spot. Helping the salesman to sit at the same desk with the final customer, Entelligo lets him design the best possible solution tailored on the customer’s needs. But at the same time, it gives the salesman the freedom to lead the sale and play in his comfort zone.

Salesman's time is money and Entelligo helps the salesman to save time, it shrink hours of work in just few minutes, from the energy audit to the business proposal, every step is intuitive and fast. More time means more vists, more customers, more sales

Entelligo is professional and helps the salesman to be more professional and reply to every question with the correct answer, increasing the sales conversion rate. Entelligo increases the sales.

All-in-one iPad app. Are you ready to sell?

Meet your household customers. Listen to their needs. Design and compare the possible solutions with them, side by side, in a trusted way. Show them the benefits of switching to renewable energies and close the deal at the first visit.

Our Ecosystem

Entelligo is completing a full ecosystem designed for the business of renewable energies, stay tuned!

Professional app


The all-in-one solution for the salesforce, a tablet application to audit, design and make a business proposal on the spot.

Enterprise app


An Enterprise application for the management of the saleforce, acquisition of statitics from the field and aggregated analytics.

Entelligo network


A cloud network to let manufacturers, installers and salesmen to interact and exchange information, customers and product catalogs.

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